The term growth hacking has been around for quite some time and the buzz around it hasn’t dropped a bit. Companies today are building growth teams to drive effective growth.  These teams run rapid growth experiments to collect and analyze data to derive meaningful  insights.

Every growth story is unique; what worked for a particular business might not work for you. Every startup or a business will have its own success story about how a certain growth hack helped them acquire new user base or developed a never ending viral loop. You can read the Growth Studies by GrowthHackers to learn more about how companies like BuzzFeed, Slack, and Airbnb have driven growth.

Achieving growth is hard. Especially when you have limited resources at your disposal. This is where you can experiment with different growth hacks to obtain remarkable results for your business.

I recently published a detailed guest post on about 7 growth hacks that will help you to grow your business in 2018. These are seven simple and effective hacks that have shown results in past and will drive growth in coming years too.

Feel free to read it and let me know your thoughts in the comments. If you like the article and want to learn about more such hacks then check out the eBook that I published earlier which highlights 20 growth hacks for entrepreneurs and startups.

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